Uganda News

In light of the Kony 2012 campaign and the other news that is buzzing around this region, I want to give readers the opportunity to share interesting media about Uganda/East Africa. If you find a piece of news that is interesting, comment here and I will try to comment on it and ask the people around me their thoughts. After being abroad for roughly the last year and a half, I have discovered that what is portrayed in the media is very different than what is actually going on in a country or region. Personally, I find that the American news sources tend to sensationalize news and present a less than balanced report. I recommend reading everything with a critical eye, asking questions, and seeking out multiple sources. I will also recommend literature about Uganda/Africa in general. Please comment away so we can educate ourselves and engage in dialogue about the many events and issues surrounding this region!

Feel free to contact me directly at rhafrika at gmail dot com

Recommended books:

The Teeth May Smile but the Heart does not Forget: Murder and Memory in Uganda by Andrew Rice  Excellent read (so far) mainly on Idi Amin’s rule, but also an overview of Uganda’s history and the events surrounding Idi Amin.


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